The Benefits of Video and Animation

Video and animation can be used in a variety of ways to help achieve strategic goals, gain exposure and increase sales and revenue.

Websites with still images and text require little action from the viewer so the chances of the viewer quickly leaving the website or becoming bored are quite high. 

Video and Animation will increase the connection with your viewers and keep them entertained and engaged for a longer period of time.

Virtual Tours

Prospective customers and clients are busy people, and often do not have the time to visit your location before deciding to do business with you.  The solution is simple – save them time and money with a virtual tour of your facility produced by Dog & Pony Productions.

The benefits of virtual tours are quite significant.

  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Increase your company’s profile
  • Reduce overhead
  • Retain viewers
  • Motivate clients
  • Reach a wider audience


Whether you distribute your virtual tour via DVD to enhance your marketing campaign, or post the tour on your existing website, making good use of compelling virtual tour technology will keep visitors interested in your organization, and keep them coming back.

Tru-Die "Reputation for Perfection" from Bob McNaughton on Vimeo.

Training and Education

Reduce costs and maintain message consistency with training CDs produced by Dog & Pony Productions.  Training CDs offer a wide range of benefits for both staff and clients.

  • Introduce new hires to office personnel, company policies and procedures.
  • Establish and maintain a consistent training message and program, particularly during stages of high turn-over.
  • Provide product demonstrations and virtual technical support.


Deliver relevant training in a timely and cost-effective manner. Employees, customers, distributors and partners can get up-to-date product education and specialized skills training from any location.

Click to view our Confined Spaces training and testing program sample without audio

Advertising and Direct Marketing

Let Dog & Pony help your organization achieve its strategic goals by adding intriguing video and animation to your marketing repertoire.

Embed streaming commercials and product promotional videos onto your website.  Reduce costs and expand audience reach by using video email or an interactive CD or DVD to enhance or replace traditional print brochures and postcards.

Give your booth a boost at the next tradeshow with a company or product promotional video looping from a large-screen monitor.  Promote future tradeshows and product launches by sending prospects a video email.

Get the attention your company deserves by boosting the next press release with an informative video.  Integrate video into future press releases and distribute via multimedia email to industry trade reporters, distributors and customers.

County of Elgin Cultural Services "Meet Larry the Library Card" from Bob McNaughton on Vimeo.

OPIC "Rewarding Careers in the Pork Industry" from Bob McNaughton on Vimeo.

Sales and Technical Support

Enhance sales meetings and product launches with an interactive video brochure, or with video embedded in a PowerPoint presentation.   

Educate staff and clients with product demonstrations and video step-by-step technical support.

Generate passive income/revenue by selling keynote presentations and seminars online.

Show your products’ unique features in action with an online video product demonstration at point of purchase.

Farm for Profit "Sustain Your Profit and Your Environment" from Bob McNaughton on Vimeo.

Recruitment, Orientation and Corporate Communications

Generate interest from prospective employees by introducing a “Welcome” video geared to communicating the benefits of working for your organization. 

Keep customers, partners, investors and staff informed of new product launches, changes in protocol and new developments with periodic video email announcements.

Middlesex Hospital Alliance "People Caring for People" from Bob McNaughton on Vimeo.

Free Enterprise Awards "Academy Awards for Business" from Bob McNaughton on Vimeo.


Video testimonials connect in a powerful way by combining audio and visual with emotional messages. Your clients can tell your story in a more credible way than you can.

Phone Factors "Fantastic ROI. Grew My Business by 33%" from Bob McNaughton on Vimeo.

Sales Revolution "My Sales and Confidence Increased" from Bob McNaughton on Vimeo.


Contact Dog & Pony Productions today to learn how video can achieve your organization’s goals, increase revenue, and expand audience reach.  We can help!





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