Why Video?

Best in class organizations and industry experts agree that video can dramatically increase revenues, save time and money and increase credibility.

Humanizing your marketing initiatives – producing a marketing video, a training video or a virtual tour, will deliver your message more effectively and efficiently than any other form of media, including print and radio.

  • Inspire your prospects to buy.
  • Communicate what makes your business important.
  • Demonstrate how your products work.
  • Educate customers and employees.

Clients turn to Dog & Pony Productions for innovative, creative and credible animation and multimedia solutions to increase sales and audience reach, and to improve reputation.

  • Streaming video from your company’s website or in banner ads can increase sales by providing a clear product demonstration or by delivering a compelling customer testimonial.
  • Multimedia video email for promotions or customer newsletters will increase response rates and provide significant credibility.
  • Enhance or replace traditional print brochures with a video for direct marketing campaigns.
  • Powerful DVD presentations can stop traffic at tradeshows and enhance critical sales meetings.


Video will increase sales, reduce costs and improve your bottom line.  Achieve these goals by leveraging your investment in a top-quality video produced by Dog & Pony Productions.

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